Original real-time-based Weather Installation [FMP [week36

There are some different original weather installation when people can not use the digital instrument to collect the weather data.

One of them is storm glass which could also be used in weather forecasting. People could know the weather by watching the appearance of the liquid in the glass. As the guide.,”If the liquid in the glass was clear, the weather would be bright and clear. If the liquid was cloudy, the weather would be cloudy as well, perhaps with precipitation. If there were small dots in the liquid, humid or foggy weather could be expected. A cloudy glass with small stars indicated thunderstorms. If the liquid contained small stars on sunny winter days, then snow was coming. If there were large flakes throughout the liquid, it would be overcast in temperate seasons or snowy in the winter. Crystals at the bottom indicated frost. Threads near the top meant it would be windy.” Although “modern experiments have failed to confirm this”, current young people still like to use it for a romantic and mysterious experience.


Another example is alileo-thermometer. It “is a thermometer made of a sealed glass cylinder containing a clear liquid and several glass vessels of varying densities. As the temperature changes, the individual floats rise or fall in proportion to their respective density.”

Even we have had the small weatherglass, people love the original way. It seems contained the vintage aesthetic. And as the slow design concept, it slow down the life pace because people have to spend more time to count the weight to know the temperature rather reading the number directly.









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